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Cetes manufacturing

We are a full service provider

In Cetes we have over 50 years of experience in developing, formulating and manufacturing beauty products. Our products reach consumers in over 60 markets world-wide.  Whether you are looking for a cosmetics supplier that can provide quality production for contract manufacturing, or one that can provide full service development, CETES is your partner. 

We know product development

Our long experience in product development of beauty products makes us the ideal partner to drive your project from concept to finished product, supporting you every step of the way.

Our diverse customer base and our continuous monitoring of trends around the world give us valuable insights and feedback to understand the evolution of the global diverse beauty market.

Key facts

  • We specialize in three major beauty categories – skin care, makeup and body & haircare
  • We have a wide range of ready-to-use product concepts and base formulations and develop around 300 new products every year
  • We are proud of our global reach; our products are serving consumers in over 60 markets world-wide
  • We are constantly monitoring trends and consumer insights from around the world, which makes us well equipped to maintain a relevant and productive portfolio of highly appreciated products

We know formulation

With our state-of-the-art R&D facilities we are working on a global scale, with technical expertise ranging from skin research and front-end innovation, to formulation development and performance testing.

Our expertise lies in understanding the needs of different consumer groups and ethnicities and developing the right formulation bases, through different textures, sensory profiles and shades. We also have capability to develop products meeting the requirement of various certification bodies (e.g., HALAL and Vegan) and cater for different regulatory requirements all around the world (e.g., REACH in Europe and CSAR in China)

With access to ca 1000 base formulations and 300 new products a year, we have the optimal platform to respond to your brief, tweak a base depending on your need and achieve speed to market.

Key facts

  • R&D facilities in Dublin, Stockholm and Shanghai

  • Full scope of inhouse R&D capabilities, stretching from research and front-end innovation, to development, scale-up and performance testing
  • Library of around 1000 base formulations and 300 new products developed every year
  • Capabilities to meet different consumer needs and certifications (Vegan, Halal etc) and regulatory requirements (REACH, CSAR etc)
  • Many of our formulation bases have consumer- and clinically tested claims ready for you to use
  • Front-End Innovation with development of own patented technologies for the ultimate product performance
Cetes manufacturing

We know manufacturing

Your customised product will be produced by one of our world-class  certified and 100% climate neutral* manufacturing facilities.  Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our manufacturing capabilities are fast and reactive, making us the ideal partner to serve your needs. GMP certified, we maintain a clean and organized work environment, to support quality production and optimal workflow. 

LEED® certified – we have a green building certification that recognizes best-in-class building practices with improved efficiency, lower carbon emissions and healthier places for people. 

Key facts

  • Each year we produce over 200 million units, for more than 60 markets worldwide
  • We have 5 manufacturing facilities situated in 3 countries
  • 100% renewable electricity at all Oriflame operated sites since 2018
  • 99% of manufacturing waste avoided landfill
  • 81% of waste generated at manufacturing sites was sent to recycling
  • All our factories are certified according to international standards – including GMP, ISO Quality 9001, Environmental 14001, as well as Health & Safety 45001, EcoCert and LEED

*For those emissions we could not reduce in 2020, we climate compensated for all of our current scope of GHG emissions (Scope 1, Scope 2 and parts of Scope 3).

Our factories

Cetes map

Certifications and ethical stance

Poland factory:
Truly believing in Eti Base Code principles we have in our Polish factory developed and applied our own Declaration of Respecting Human Rights.

We are a part of the aworld’s largest data platform for supply chain assessment (Sedex) which we joined in order to present and continuously improve our ESG commitments. 

Cetes manufacturing

Warsaw, Poland
Skincare, personal and hair care: creams, lotions, scrubs, primers, toners, roll-on deodorants, alcoholic emulsions and liquids, shampoos, shower gels, gels, hand soaps, oils.

Color Cosmetics: mascaras, foundations

Fragrance: all formats including vials

Cetes Roorkee

Roorkee, India
Food suplements: protein powders, liquids, soft capsules (omega 3, asthaxantin), WP (blister packs/daily doses)

Color cosmetics: lipsticks, mascaras

Certifications: Halal by MUI

Noida, India
Skincare, personal and hair care: creams, lotions, scrubs, shampoos, gels, toners, shower

Color cosmetics: foundations

Certifications: Halal by MUI

Cetes manufacturing

Kunshan, China
Skincare, personal and hair care: sheet masks, creams, lotions, scrubs, toners, shampoos, shower gels

Color cosmetics (filling and packing): mascaras, foundations.

Cetes manufacturing

Beijing, China
Food supplements: powder – pouch/sachet/jar, tablet –jar/sachet, hard capsules in jar/sachet, soft capsules –in jar/sachet

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.

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Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.