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Our product offering

Our product offering builds on more than five decades of skin care and cosmetics expertise. We have a vast portfolio of high-quality product solutions that are market-ready.  You can either take our products as they are or co-develop a customised solution according to your own needs.

We specialize in three major beauty categories – skin care, makeup and body care & haircare.

Cetes skin care


Skincare is our heritage and pride. We provide cleansing, care, and treatment products for both men and women across all age segments.  We offer products with solid claims based on clinical and consumer testing.

  • Anti-ageing solutions using patented and plant stem cell technologies
  • Diversified portfolio in masks, offering products solutions in regular, peel-off, warming and  sheet formats
  • Gentle and effective solutions suitable for sensitive skin
  • Clean beauty and high natural ingredient-content formulations
  • Cosmeceutical solutions
Cetes Body and hair care

Body & haircare

For your daily body care and haircare needs, we offer performance products at affordable prices. We have a wide portfolio of great formulations to address different consumer needs.

  • Strong expertise in foot care, intimate care and baby care

  • Less is more solutions – great performance and cost-efficient products with less than 10 ingredients

  • Sulphate free rinse off products

  • 100% natural origin exfoliants

Cetes Makeup


Trendy is the key word in MAKEUP.  We keep our finger on the pulse collecting consumer insights from 60+ markets converting them quickly into makeup products with a focus on foundations, mascaras and lip products.

  • CC cream and light foundations that are silicone free, mineral oil free and vegan with 95% natural ingredients
  • Mascaras in line with top makeup brands, with access to unique brush solutions – all of which are ophthalmologically tested
  • Lip balms, lipsticks and liquid lip solutions with clean beauty profile

Our process – supporting your business every step of the way

When we work on a new project together, it all starts with your needs. Based on your brief, we scan the market for relevant consumer trends and then integrate the findings and insigths into a product concept that we sign-off together with you. When cost and speed-to-market are key deliverables, we would use one of our many base formulations as a starting point, with the opportunity to tweak formulas, product design and story telling to meet your needs.

This process from start to finish can take everything from  6 months to more than a year, depending on the product concept starting point and complexity and to what extent we are using already available formulation bases, packaging and pack components.

Our process in brief


1. Product Concept

Based on your brief, relevant trends & consumer insights we will come together to develop a relevant product concept that will serve as the guiding star throughout the full process


4. Packaging

We will help you present your product to the consumer in the most functional, attractive and efficient way. We entertain good relations with both large and smaller packaging suppliers to be able to adapt to your needs and MOQs


2. Formulation

Depending on your needs, we review different alternatives to find the optimum balance of efficacy, sensorial experience, time to market and cost efficiency


5. Manufacturing

Your final product will be delivered by one of our world-class certified and carbon-neutral production facilities, on time and in full


3. Performance testing and claims

With our world-class R&D teams and facilities, you can rest assured that your product claims are credible and supported by science. Many of our formulation bases already have claims and communication packs ready to use

Cetes nature

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.