Our philosophy

We believe in understanding and responding to your beauty needs, as well as the impact on our planet. We take a conscious approach to product development, where the purpose is to deliver high-performing products with proven results, that are gentle to our skin – and our planet.

Every step of the process matters – from what ingredients we select and where we source them, to how we formulate to enhance the potency of the ingredients, how we select our packaging to preserve the product and the planet, how we prove the performance of the finished product, and finally how we manufacture, store, and distribute our products before they finally reach the customer.
Our philosophy allows us to offer products with focus on three main things: Efficacy, Safety, and Sustainability



We are deeply committed to ensuring our products are safe. Our strict safety standards are reflected in the full value chain of activities, from what ingredients we select and where we source them, to how we design our formulations, what packaging we select to protect the formula, how we test the finished product and finally how we manufacture and distribute to our clients.

From an ingredient point of view, what we choose to exclude from our formulas is as important as what we include. This is why we have chosen to follow the European safety standards, the strictest in the world, and we often go beyond. We do not work with any of the 1300 ingredients banned in the EU, and we have also chosen to formulate without another 60 ingredients to further enhance the safety profile of our products. As a reference, the US regulations only ban around 20 ingredients.

To make sure the final product is not causing any skin irritations, our cosmetics products are undergoing safety testing in independent laboratories, on healthy human volunteers.

Key facts

  • We comply with the European safety standards – the strictest in the world
  • All our ingredients undergo our exclusive screening process to  ensure they are safe to use, ethically sourced, safe to use and of high quality
  • We manage a long list of ingredients that we choose not to formulate with, e.g., GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Strong inhouse capabilities within regulatory, toxicology and microbiology to ensure the right safety profile of our products
  • Our cosmetics formulations are tested in independent laboratories, on healthy human volunteers


At Cetes Cosmetics, sustainability is an integral part of who we are, how we operate and what we offer. We work hard together with colleagues and partners to find new smart and climate friendly solutions, whilst keeping product performance and cost in mind.

Key facts

  • All our ingredients undergo an eco-ethical screening process to make sure they are of high quality, safe to use and ethically sourced
  • Our first and only choice has always been natural extracts, never synthetic ones
  • All our scrub products contain only natural origin exfoliants, such as almond shells, fruit seeds and olive stones
  • Almost all our rinse-off formulations are biodegradable
  • We do not test our formulas on animals. We use extensive alternative testing options that are safe and animal-friendly
  • Our manufacturing is using 100% renewable energy, stops 100% of waste going to landfill and we compensate in order to make it climate neutral


With more than 50 years of experience, we create and deliver innovative, high quality and high-performance products that deliver on their promise. Our vast expertise in formulation science allows us to find the ultimate blend of ingredients, maximising the potency of the active ingredients and enhancing the sensory profile of the given product.

The performance of the product is validated through a wide range of test methods, including consumer- and clinical testing. This to make sure our products will always deliver what they promise.

Key facts

  • R&D facilities in Dublin, Stockholm and Shanghai, hosting over 100 scientists and technical experts
  • Full scope of inhouse R&D capabilities, stretching from research and front-end innovation, to development, scale-up and performance testing
  • Library of around 1000 base formulations and 300 new products developed every year
  • Many of our formulation bases have consumer- and clinically tested claims ready for you to use
  • Development of own patented technologies for the ultimate product performance
  • We use safe and potent ingredients from around the world with established track record and history of use
  • We performing rigid testing on both an ingredient- and formula level, to make sure our products are delivering the result
Cetes contact us

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.

Cetes contact us

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us or if you have a request or wish to discuss a cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone.