We have a bold ambition: to make our business environmentally sustainable. Our environmental strategy, and its accompanying actions, is built on both a thorough understanding of our impact and a long-held business-wide commitment to the principles of sustainability. Below are a few highlights of our manufacturing achievements so far.

highlights during 2018

We stopped more than 99% of our manufacturing waste from going to landfill.

Water use at factories has been reduced by 21% since 2015.

100% of electricity consumption at CETES factories came from renewable sources

Since 2015 GHG emissions relative to units produced have decreased by 61%.


Reduce emissions to air

Reduce GHG emissions from stationary fuel and energy in factories by 15% by 2020. Since 2015 the relative GHG emissions (tCO2e/million units produced) decreased by 15%*.

Reduce electricity use in factories by 15% by 2020. Since 2015 the electricity use per produced volumes has decreased by 24%, although our production volumes have increased by 31%*.

Increase renewable electricity in factories to 70% by 2018. The electricity at our largest manufacturing site in Poland is from 100% certified renewable sources. Our Wellness factory in India is getting part of its electricity (14%) from solar panels. During 2017, 47% of electricity consumption at all CETES factories came from renewable sources, a slightly increase compared to 2016*.

Reduce solid wastes

Reduce waste disposed at all our factories by 15% by 2020.  We have reduced the waste produced per unit produced by 17% since 2015*.

Send no waste to landfill from our factories by 2020. In 2017, approximately 99% of all waste produced at CETES factories avoided ending up in landfill*.

Reduce impact on water

Reduce water use at all our factories by 15% by 2020. Since 2015 our water consumption per unit in factories decreased by 12%*