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Each year, we bring over 250 million units to more than 60 markets worldwide. We are constantly reviewing our pipeline and introduce annually 300 new cosmetic products to the market.

Our main R&D facility on Ireland has 100 employees. This includes chemists working with creating and adapting formulations, microtesting, safety and regulatory functions. We also have a facility there for clinical testing of formulations. This facility is also organizing consumer testing of claims if needed.

Cetes Cosmetics is a full service provider focusing on three major cosmetics categories:

Skin Care

Skincare is our heritage and pride. From single products to bundled routines, we provide cleansing and care products to both men and women in all age segments. We offer products with solid claims based on clinical and consumer testing. Complex and simple emulsions, lotions with alcohol, masks, oils and lip balms

Personal & Hair Care

For their daily PERSONAL CARE products, consumers expect high performance at affordable prices. To adress varied global needs, we have a portfolio of great formulations in all price segments. Body care, shower care, hair care, exfoliating products, oral care, roll-on deodorants

Color Cosmetics

Trendy is the key word in MAKEUP. We keep our finger on the pulse collecting consumer insights from 60+ markets converting them quickly into colour produts with a focus on foundations, mascaras and lip products. Foundations, mascaras, eye liners, lip sticks, liquid lip formulations

Star Concepts

Under Star concepts segment you can also find out more about some of our most advanced product concepts and technologies. These are examples of our formulation capabilities and advanced clinical claims.

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