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At Cetes Cosmetics, we provide leading-edge contract and private label manufacturing expertise backed by half a century of experience.

As a global player with a diverse product range, access to global consumer insight and an attractive cost base, we are uniquely positioned to support your business objectives. From product concepts through packaging development and manufacturing, you can trust us to deliver a product fully suited to your needs. Our long-term vision is to become a trusted partner for all your cosmetic product needs within contract manufacturing and private label.

Supporting your business every step of the way

Cetes Cosmetics offers a complete service scope:

step one

Consumer insight

Our diverse customer base and our continuous monitoring of trends around the world give us the necessary feedback to understand the evolution of the global diverse cosmetic market place.

step two


Depending on your needs, we review different alternatives to find the optimum balance of efficacy, sensorial experience and cost efficiency. Thanks to a vast library of ready bases, we can depending on the requirement in your brief be fast to the market.

step three

Product testing & claims

With our world-class R&D teams and facilities, you can rest assured that your product claims are credible and supported by science.

step four


We will help you present your product to the consumer in the most functional, attractive and efficient way. We entertain good relations with both large and smaller packaging suppliers to be able to adapt to needs and MOQs.

step five


Your final product will be delivered by one of our world-class certified production facilities, on time and in full.

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Diverse, nature-inspired product portfolio? Check. State-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities? Check. Access to global consumer insight? Check. We have everything you need to enhance sales and maximize your beauty business opportunity.

We are ready to help you regardless if you need help with the entire chain or if you start with your own concept or product. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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